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Welcome to Portsmouth Aquarist Society

Portsmouth Aquarist Society Annual Open Show

Saturday 19th August 2023

Show schedule - download here

Post Pandemic Trophy Whole of Characins

(Best fish from Classes C, Ca-Cb)


St Nicholas Church Belmont Grove, Bedhampton, Havant PO9 3PU 

We are a friendly thriving FBAS-affiliated aquatic society which has been established over 50 years.

We meet once a month at the Sovereigns in Kingston Crescent and have a wide variety of talks, table shows, auctions and videos amongst other events relating to fish keeping at all levels from beginners through to experts.

Why not come along and meet fellow fish enthusiasts from the portsmouth and surrounding area?

Our knowledge

Our members have a wide range of interests and knowledge in the fishkeeping field, including;

  • Setting up aquariums, including planted, biotope and others
  • Breeding fish of many species
  • Marine fish and reef aquaria
  • Ponds
  • Specialist knowledge on many fish, includingKoi & GoldfishCichlids (including Discus),KillifishCharacins & Barbs, various Oddballsand many more...

Meetings coming up

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